To create products for children and engage them in a meaningful yet delightful way.

  • Each Indian child to have a Sterling product each month till he turns 9 years (i.e make 108 different products, a product for her each month)
  • To make Sterling an affordable, household children’s brand
  • To deliver great quality at affordable prices with world class manufacturing – Make in India

  • Occupy children’s domain in India

  • Sterling Publishers was founded by late Mr. O. P. Ghai in 1940, a teacher turned author and publisher.
  • He was the President of the FIP, first recipient of Prakashak Ratna award and wrote several books
  • Today his son Mr. S K Ghai spearheads the group. Former President FEPI, Vice President, FPBAI, FIP, Chairman Books & Publication –CAPEXIL
  • Gaurav Ghai is currently taking the baton forward